Logiciels IVAO


 IvAc – IVAO virtual ATC client  12/11/2011
 v1.2.0 b204 r1  27 MB
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 IvAi – IVAO Interface  22/03/2009
 1.0.0  8 MB
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 Virtual AWOS by Bafio  30/01/2014
 1.0.0  1745Kb
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Virtual AWOS simulates Automated airport weather station using METAR data from several sources.

Especially recommended for Tower controllers!

 IVAO Metar 2.0  ?
 2.0.0  183Kb
 Primary  none
Addon for IVAC for METAR information of serval airports at a time.
Especially recommended for TMA/Center controllers!
 MacroIvAc by Bafio  25/03/2012
 1.2.0  1845Kb
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MacroIvAc is an application that adds macro functionalities to IvAc (IVAO virtual ATC client).

Israeli preset for MacroIvAc available with Israel Radar v3 (coming soon!)



 IvAp – IVAO virtual Pilot client  12/11/12
 v1.5.0 b2752 (FS2004)  23.6 MB
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 IvAp – IVAO virtual Pilot client  13/11/12
 v2.0.0 b2760 (FSX/Prepar3d)  37.9 MB
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 X-IvAp – IVAO virtual X-Plane client  01/01/2014
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